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Katana spider antics 3
Third panel for "Katana spider antics" sequence

Bleez got the upper hand and seems to have everything under control for this fight, but, seems Katana is also happy to see that her plan involving a little friend is happening accordingly!

Commissioned by: :iconsoundwave04:
Katana spider antics 2
Second panel for the "Katana spider antics" sequence!

Katana tries to defend herself from Bleez, but, a rage attack gets easily rid of her blade for defense

Commissioned by: :iconsoundwave04:
Katana spider antics 1
New sequence with characters from "Beware the Batman", this time, Katana and Bleez!

Katana was reaching for the "Soultaker Sword" in order to ensure it wouldn't fall into the wrong hands, but she is interupted by the arrival of Red Lantern Corp Bleez, who appears behind her, smiling evilly, and of course, ready for a fight!

Commissioned by: :iconsoundwave04:
Quick update here

Still managing to get things done here, I think I will be able to finish the "Icarus Wings" manga for this month´s patreon pack, so, expect to see it fully now in 2017! It´s getting me a lot of work to get all pages done but yeah, want to finish this the best I can, even with the short time-schedule

Because of that, getting things done along with the Patreon´s prizes, for this month only, I will deliver the pack by day 20 instead of day 15, it´s a necessary delay for getting everything covered just right

Other than that, things getting controlled the best I can, sorry for not posting daily updates but, as expected, I´m really busy trying to finish this project in time!

Hope you guys enjoy it when it reaches here, thanks a lot for the patience and support!
Hey there guys, long time no see indeed... been quite the usual speech here lately

As you all already know, things were quite messy these last weeks, and, I will, at least try, to resume things up, since I couldn´t send really good news in a constant time-period

The first part, my health, since it´s the main things that is still keeping me around! XD

Jokes aside, I had a roller coaster here with it, I spent a month taking medication to endure things up and got good results, but, the medication procedure has ended and, to make things worst, my medic had to make a travel and couldn´t attend me for a proper return on the requested time, so, only now I will get a new visit and check on what happened and, of course, the problems returned as soon I got rid of the medication

With that, working was a mix of good and bad days, with some really inspiring ones helping and others as a real pain in trying to do something right, but, I dedicated myself the most I could, and here comes the second part

As many could have guessed, I dedicated these last month entirely on my manga project, "Icarus Wings", and, it´s been quite the wild ride, since I had no experience on comics nor manga and, been trying new things as I worked with the flow, the panels I did already, will be part of the latest Patreon pack

Talking about that, from my part, I would love to just focus on this first chapter till I finish it, but, I felt I needed to address things up for the ones on Patreon, supporting me so nicely in these last weeks so, here comes the work-around:

But, now that I´ve got into the "business" part with Patreon, nothing better than go straight to the third and final part of this, but maybe, the most important one, the working proccess and plans

So, I´m gonna address things up in a more resumed form, since I spoke a lot about on the past journal entries...

Back there, I told you all that I needed some extra time to re-think things up, try the new process with Icarus (the thing I did the most) and try to hear my innervoice and wantings to get a proper reply on what would happen to me in the working part right? So, after all these days, I think I came to a real conclusion:

Unfortunately, yeah, I´ve grow tired of being TheInsaneDarkOne you guys got used to

The first thing that I think really changed with all that was my view on what I needed to do as an artist, and what I could cover that would be important for me, and, unfortunately, the majority of my "trademark" really bugged me now if I think about it

For the gaming part, nothing wrong there, always loved video-games since I was young and also had a lot of love and care for the fighting games and characters from such franchises, so, an all-win there

But, the main problem was the whole "killing girls" here, I think that got kinda old for me to have such label done in such a strong manner here in my gallery

With Icarus, I re-found another part of me, a creative side that got more carried away than trying to think on creative ways to kill the ladies here, and, unfortunately, don´t know if I can get a backtrack for that

So, what I want to tell you all is that I have a new working proposal here, and, even not sure yet if things will work it out, I want to at least try to see if things get on track

One of the main issues (and the ones who joined the gallery for quite some time know this better than anyone) on my working schedule, first, was the time period I had for making the daily drawings, it was exaustive and demanding but, since I had a good health there, things didn´t matter that much, but, now, as you all know, it´s a different story

So, to cover that up AND the change of shift I want to do, I thought on a new working plan that might interest some of you, or, at least, I hope it can interest a good portion

I will stop doing regular commissions here and focus only on Patreon for the time being

And why that? Well, for two good reasons, and the second one seems to be the best part for you guys, so listen up:

1 - To have better control on my schedule and drawings for month, cause then, I will be able to work on them but not die in the proccess duo to the small time-windows I gave to myself

2 - I will get less drawings to work with, but, they will also be CHEAPER!

What I mean with that, is, in Patreon, people got prizes back in the other months depending on the value they contributed right? So, in this new scheme, I want to get your prizes as part of the commissions too

Sounds complicated? It´s not that much, you see, with U$ 20, you get access to every panel I produce here right? So, the only difference is now, for each month, I will make a raffle to get 8 "winners" from these U$ 20 contributors to get their panels covered

The good part of this is, the ones who want panels with me, now have the chance to get them into a much smaller price table (the standard panel here was about U$ 50 each) but, even if they don´t get it duo a bad luck, they will still receive all the others requested from the other contributors, quite the win-win scenario, right?

The only problem here is that, again, I want to try to change things up, so, unfortunately, no more killing panels with the girls and fetish stuff ok? I know many here love this part and are willing to see more and more of this, but, unfortunately, I need to be true to you guys here on this subject and I want to cover other type of things (like, you know, character pin-ups, normal action scenes, funny stuff and etc)

But, to help things out for the ones who really want to get things done with me on a special month, I will still get the option of the U$ 50 as a contribution, but, if someone gets into that value, he or she gets in front of the line, getting sure that a panel will be requested and covered (of course, only getting into a raffle situation if more than 8 contributors appear with U$ 50 each)

I want this to work it out the best I can cause it´s a chance to still get things done here without needing to risk everything (I don´t have other work here guys, so, it´s something that need to be addressed unfortunately) and, as a respect letter for the ones supporting me for such a long time..

 I know that I might have disappointed, I know that this change of shift might be too much for some but, with this health breakdown I had, the only thing I learned is that, unfortunately, I don´t have control of all things and maybe my time might get short one day or another, so, at least, I want to try new things when is possible, and, of course, try to reach better days for myself and my soul, that is seaching for different ways of working things out now it seems...

So, starting now, as the new Patreon pack gets available (by day 15/11), I will try to make things work with the Patreon supporters with this new way, aiming for a better and more healthy way of working on my artistic projects and, still be able to send something new for you guys (rather than just my comic)

I know it´s a long post but, if you got this far, I really want to say my sincere thank you for being so nice and polite on such delicate subject, and, from my part, we all know it would have been much easier if things just continued the way they were, but, yeah, seems some things just come into our way and we can´t do much about it, just try to overcome the necessary changes they demand with it

So, many thanks once again for being around, and, hope things might work out, for you, for me, and for the gallery and all these years with Deviantart

My sincere words and thanks to all of you

Danilo Rosa


Danilo Rosa
Just a guy trying to do some nice Drawings :D

Current Residence: Brazil
Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal, Gothic and Industrial
Favourite style of art: Manga, Anime, Style, Comic, Cartoon
Operating System: Windows 7
Wallpaper of choice: Random artworks of mine
Personal Quote: The light and the darkness, are there to fulfill each other


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